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The hospital was built in 1939 in order to expand the service of the Chiang Mai Municipality Hospital to the public. Known locally as Suan Dok Hospital, it was officially named Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital in 1941 and became the teaching hospital for the Faculty of Medicine in 1959. There have been phases of expansion and development since then. The name was changed to Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital in 1983 by Royal permission. The hospital consists of several buildings: an old 7-story building, the 15-story Sujinno Building, and the 15-story Sripat Building, which is under construction. The Sujinno Building was finished in 1983 in commemoration of the 60th birthday of Luang Pu Wan Sujinno, a very highly revered monk in Thailand. Standing in front of the building is a statue of Prince Songkla Nagarind Mahidol– the father of modern Thai medicine. The new Sripat Building is in commemoration of Queen Sirikit's 60th birthday and is expected to be in use in 1996. This building will be for patients with more severe problems and complications. The hospital with all three buildings has 1,800 beds and serves 414,362 out-patients and 49,200 in-patient each year. Many joint programs have been set up with other hospitals and health centers both inside and outside the Chiang Mai area to provide medical and educational support for physicians and medical students. In cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health, physicians from the Faculty of Medicine provide medical services at rural health centers or give special lectures for doctors and other health personnel at provincial hospitals.

With 1,400 beds, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital (also called Suandok Hospital – Thai for “many flower gardens”) is the tertiary government hospital in the Northern region of Thailand. The hospital is a teaching and research facility, providing state-of-the art medical and nursing care based on an individual, holistic approach, taking into account the patient’s cultural background and beliefs. At Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital, we serve a diverse patient population in Northern Thailand, encompassing 17 provinces, as well as Northern Thai Hill Tribes people, and foreign patients. In 2008, from January to October, there were 925 deaths of terminally ill patients, and we provided services for 6,103 cancer patients.

For almost 30 years, the hospital has had in place a training course for medical students on death, dying, and bereavement care. In 2004, the Nursing Division set in place a Palliative Care Committee, and began to establish guidelines and policies for end-of-life care, as well as guidelines for cancer patient care and care of patients with incurable serious illness. This presentation sets forth the strategies employed to produce improvements in the quality of palliative care in our hospital, examines the results, and looks to future plans and objectives.

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Posted: May 2010
MAHARAJ NAKORN CHIANG MAI HOSP, To whom it may concern mostly foreigners having to stay in a Chiang Hospital - My experience May 21st - May 26th for a Open Heart operation a double bypass. First of all the Heart Surgeon team in charge I hope did a great job I will not know for sure until a few months. Anyway I do feel good about the Heart Surgeon. My 1st turn off was the guy in the Yamaha T shirt while I was in ICU He looked like he just came back from the Red Shirt Rally in Bangkok or maybe Chiang Mai, very impolite not wanting to speak to me at all in English. The point is is there no dress code in ICU? the nurses have a dress code maybe they are a higher rank in the hospital chain Than X ray techs??? The 2nd.big problem which will I sure NEVER be addressed is the central Air condition system in all of the rooms. I understand High-Medium-Low fan speed settings but I wonder why there is a thermostat? it certainly does not control anything believe me I tried for 5 days there only to become frustrated Hot and Cold temperatures my whole stay -oh yes sorry the Technician did check it and then ask ME if is was OK ?^%$
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